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Deprecated List

Global lucene::search::BooleanClause::required
use setOccur(BooleanClause.Occur) instead

Global lucene::search::BooleanClause::prohibited
use setOccur(BooleanClause.Occur) instead

Global lucene::search::BooleanClause::BooleanClause (Query *q, const bool DeleteQuery, const bool req, const bool p)
use BooleanClause(Query, Occur) instead

Global lucene::search::BooleanQuery::add (Query *query, const bool required, const bool prohibited)
use add(Query, BooleanClause.Occur) instead:

Global lucene::search::BooleanQuery::getClauses () const

Class lucene::document::DateField
If you build a new index, use DateTools instead. This class is included for use with existing indices and will be removed in a future release.

Global lucene::document::Document::fields () const
use getFields() instead

Global lucene::index::IndexReader::deleteDoc (const int32_t docNum)
. Use deleteDocument instead.

Global lucene::index::IndexReader::deleteTerm (Term *term)
. Use deleteDocuments instead.

Global lucene::search::PhraseQuery::getPositions (lucene::util::Array< int32_t > &result) const
. use getPositions(Array<int32_t>& result)

Global lucene::analysis::TokenStream::next ()
. use next(token). Kept only to avoid breaking existing code.