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jstreams::FileInputStream Class Reference

#include <fileinputstream.h>

Inheritance diagram for jstreams::FileInputStream:

jstreams::BufferedInputStream< char > jstreams::StreamBase< char >

Public Member Functions

 FileInputStream (const char *filepath, int32_t buffersize=defaultBufferSize)
 ~FileInputStream ()
int32_t fillBuffer (char *start, int32_t space)
 This function must be implemented by the subclasses.

Static Public Attributes

static const int32_t defaultBufferSize

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

jstreams::FileInputStream::FileInputStream ( const char *  filepath,
int32_t  buffersize = defaultBufferSize 

jstreams::FileInputStream::~FileInputStream (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

int32_t jstreams::FileInputStream::fillBuffer ( char *  start,
int32_t  space 
) [virtual]

This function must be implemented by the subclasses.

It should write a maximum of space characters at the buffer position pointed to by start. If no more data is avaiable due to end of file, -1 should be returned. If an error occurs, the status should be set to Error, an error message should be set and the function must return -1.

Implements jstreams::BufferedInputStream< char >.

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