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lucene::search::CachingWrapperFilter Class Reference

Wraps another filter's result and caches it. More...

#include <CachingWrapperFilter.h>

Inheritance diagram for lucene::search::CachingWrapperFilter:

lucene::search::AbstractCachingFilter lucene::search::Filter

Public Member Functions

 CachingWrapperFilter (Filter *filter, bool deleteFilter=true)
 ~CachingWrapperFilter ()
Filterclone () const
TCHAR * toString ()

Protected Member Functions

 CachingWrapperFilter (const CachingWrapperFilter &copy)
lucene::util::BitSetdoBits (lucene::index::IndexReader *reader)
bool doShouldDeleteBitSet (lucene::util::BitSet *bits)

Detailed Description

Wraps another filter's result and caches it.

The purpose is to allow filters to simply filter, and then wrap with this class to add caching, keeping the two concerns decoupled yet composable.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

lucene::search::CachingWrapperFilter::CachingWrapperFilter ( const CachingWrapperFilter copy  )  [protected]

lucene::search::CachingWrapperFilter::CachingWrapperFilter ( Filter filter,
bool  deleteFilter = true 

lucene::search::CachingWrapperFilter::~CachingWrapperFilter (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

lucene:: util ::BitSet* lucene::search::CachingWrapperFilter::doBits ( lucene::index::IndexReader reader  )  [protected, virtual]

bool lucene::search::CachingWrapperFilter::doShouldDeleteBitSet ( lucene::util::BitSet bits  )  [protected, virtual]

Filter* lucene::search::CachingWrapperFilter::clone (  )  const [virtual]

TCHAR* lucene::search::CachingWrapperFilter::toString (  )  [virtual]

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