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lucene::search::WildcardQuery Class Reference

Implements the wildcard search query. More...

#include <WildcardQuery.h>

Inheritance diagram for lucene::search::WildcardQuery:

lucene::search::MultiTermQuery lucene::search::Query

Public Member Functions

 WildcardQuery (lucene::index::Term *term)
 ~WildcardQuery ()
const TCHAR * getQueryName () const
size_t hashCode () const
bool equals (Query *other) const
Queryclone () const
 Returns a clone of this query.
Queryrewrite (lucene::index::IndexReader *reader)
 Expert: called to re-write queries into primitive queries.

Static Public Member Functions

static const TCHAR * getClassName ()

Protected Member Functions

FilteredTermEnumgetEnum (lucene::index::IndexReader *reader)
 Construct the enumeration to be used, expanding the pattern term.
 WildcardQuery (const WildcardQuery &clone)

Detailed Description

Implements the wildcard search query.

Supported wildcards are *, which matches any character sequence (including the empty one), and ?, which matches any single character. Note this query can be slow, as it needs to iterate over all terms. In order to prevent extremely slow WildcardQueries, a Wildcard term must not start with one of the wildcards * or ?.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

lucene::search::WildcardQuery::WildcardQuery ( const WildcardQuery clone  )  [protected]

lucene::search::WildcardQuery::WildcardQuery ( lucene::index::Term term  ) 

lucene::search::WildcardQuery::~WildcardQuery (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

FilteredTermEnum* lucene::search::WildcardQuery::getEnum ( lucene::index::IndexReader reader  )  [protected, virtual]

Construct the enumeration to be used, expanding the pattern term.

Implements lucene::search::MultiTermQuery.

const TCHAR* lucene::search::WildcardQuery::getQueryName (  )  const [virtual]

Implements lucene::search::Query.

static const TCHAR* lucene::search::WildcardQuery::getClassName (  )  [static]

size_t lucene::search::WildcardQuery::hashCode (  )  const [virtual]

Implements lucene::search::Query.

bool lucene::search::WildcardQuery::equals ( Query other  )  const [virtual]

Implements lucene::search::Query.

Query* lucene::search::WildcardQuery::clone (  )  const [virtual]

Returns a clone of this query.

Implements lucene::search::Query.

Query* lucene::search::WildcardQuery::rewrite ( lucene::index::IndexReader reader  )  [virtual]

Expert: called to re-write queries into primitive queries.

Reimplemented from lucene::search::MultiTermQuery.

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