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lucene::store::NoLockFactory Class Reference

#include <LockFactory.h>

Inheritance diagram for lucene::store::NoLockFactory:


Public Member Functions

LuceneLockmakeLock (const char *lockName)
void clearLock (const char *lockName)

Static Public Member Functions

static NoLockFactorygetNoLockFactory ()
static void shutdown ()
 called when lucene_shutdown is called

Static Public Attributes

static NoLockFactorysingleton
static NoLock * singletonLock

Member Function Documentation

static NoLockFactory* lucene::store::NoLockFactory::getNoLockFactory (  )  [static]

LuceneLock* lucene::store::NoLockFactory::makeLock ( const char *  lockName  )  [virtual]

void lucene::store::NoLockFactory::clearLock ( const char *  lockName  )  [virtual]

static void lucene::store::NoLockFactory::shutdown (  )  [static]

called when lucene_shutdown is called

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